Welcome to Life Line Medical Devices W.L.L., The Kingdom of Bahrain

The guiding philosophy with Life Line Medical Devices has been to identify latest, cutting edge technologies from all over the world, understand its relevance to Bahrain market and help the users in Bahrain with its acquisition, applications and maintenance.

Life Line Medical Devices has resisted the temptation and commercial security of associating with multi-product corporations and has instead focused on Single Product Technology Driven Companies who can afford to have focus on continued development of a particular modality.

Life Line Medical Devices is a service provider of Medical Systems & Services in Bahrain where the advantages of state of art technology is provided to users in each and every product lines.

Beside, Life Line Medical Devices provides to the wide requirements of various specialties in the hospitals to the valued customers with the suitable products and solutions in healthcare and can serve whatsoever is the demand.